Review questions thoroughly. At the bottom of the page there is two fillable pdf files. By reviewing this application form it will give you a chance to formulate your answers before filling out the online version. If you have any questions with registering, please contact our office at 651-289-3210. 

The Leadership Laboratory is an organization dedicated to the growth and development of both congregational leaders and the faith communities they serve. The future of the church is dependent upon healthy and effective leaders that are dedicated to working with congregations to help them evolve in their impact and vitality. This does not happen by following some perfected formula for growth. Instead, it requires exploration, discovery, experimentation, assessment and learning how the uniqueness of the individual, and the context in which they serve, can together be equipped for growth and expanded potential. The Leadership Laboratory is that place to explore, discover, practice and grow in one’s leadership impact. Key to this work is helping the participant acquire the necessary awareness and understanding of one’s own behaviors and abilities and how that can best be lived out in the context they serve. This not only brings deep value to the individual participant, it also brings transformative potential for the ministry context (The Laboratory!). If you are interested in becoming a part of this Leadership Laboratory experience, please fill out the following application to get the process started.
Contact Information 
Perspectives & Experiences

What is your understanding, or definition, of an effective leader?


What questions, or wonderings, do you have about your own leadership abilities? 


Have you taken any self-discovery assessments? (i.e. Myers-Briggs, DISC, Strengths Finder)

If so, which one(s)?


What were your results/scores? How was it helpful?


What has been your experience with shaping a vision for your organization?


How have you experienced bringing about change in your ministry setting?


What is your understanding of how conflict plays out in a ministry setting?

Investing in the Process
It is important to understand that the Leadership Laboratory is a 20-month investment that focuses on training, coaching, contextual praxis, reflection and assessment. The ministry setting in which you are serving becomes the Laboratory context in which much of this process unfolds. For the Leadership Laboratory to have the greatest impact it requires a significant level of investment from both the individual participant and the leadership system of the ministry context. In addition, having participants stay invested after their time in the Lab is a critical part of the formula to grow leaders forward. The following are core elements to this commitment. Please check those that you feel willing and ready to accept. 

Thank You for submitting your application. Each applicant will be reviewed by the Leadership Laboratory Advisory Team and informed of their acceptance no later than 30 days after submission.

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